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The economic prosperity of every nation depends significantly on the effective and efficient operation of its transportation system. We know terrorists, criminals, and hostile nation-states have long viewed transportation sectors, particularly aviation, as a leading target for attack or exploitation.
With over five decades of successful implementation behind it, Threat-oriented, Risk-based, Intelligence - driven Security, is the leading concept to secure civil aviation. The concept synergizes human factor capabilities with the abilities of technology in identifying the potential threats using multi-layers of virtual and physical security.
The concept is a business-like approach to security. As with any business it takes into consideration operational as well as financial aspects.
International organizations, governments, and private own cooperations strive to Deter, Detect, and Disrupt attacks on the transportation systems and critical transportation infrastructure, while facilitating the movement of legitimate travel and commerce.
Established in 2009 Intelligence Driven Security consists of international experts in the fields of security and intelligence. Our experts originating from some of the most highly regarded intelligence and security agencies in the world. Each of the team members has 15 to 30 years of various experience as well as up to date knowledge.
Intelligence Driven Security AVSEC experts come from the governmental and privet sectors, with working experience at civil aviation authorities, airports, and airlines. Our experts also have practice working for the international level, working for the ICAO, IATA, and ACI.

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