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Environmental Monitoring

Insider Threat Mitigation

Intelligence Driven Security (IDS) is an Intelligence and Security company specializing in civil aviation security solutions. Services include Threat and Vulnerability Assessment, Risk Analysis, Security-Procedures and program development, Regulatory Compliance, physical infrastructure assessments, Selection and Recruitment, Training, Equipment Procurement, and Implementation.

IDS is comprised of a team of consultants and managers with extensive experience working and operating in the Middle East, Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Africa and the Caribbean.

IDS provides services to International Organizations, Governments and privet firms. The provided products are at the highest standards to meet or exceed client-specific requirements.

Our motto is "sensible security works!"

Airfield Design

Red - Teaming

The main purpose of the Red Teaming Test is to test and verify that the security controls that were invested, are effective and can protect against – or at least detect and respond to – the types of attacks that are common today. Not only does this provide visibility as to which controls are missing, misaligned or malfunctioning; it also presents a realistic overview of which security investments have actual value across multiple domains – be it physical security, security awareness, network security, security monitoring, or administrative procedures.

Air Traffic Forecasting

Aviation Security Intelligence Analyst

More than ever, information security analysts are needed to support airports and /or airlines risk assessment and risk-management when they are challenged as well as put in the controls and countermeasures to prevent attacks.

The Intelligence Analyst Training course is designed as an introductory level training program for aviation security intelligence analysis. The program provides a firm foundation and baseline for aviation security intelligence analysts. It is based around the core competencies of an analyst and the analytical standards for aviation security intelligence analysts. The course culminates with a practical exercise and workshops devoted to critical thinking concepts and the three components of analysis.  The course is designed to provide a thorough understanding of the intelligence cycle and the relevant aspects of aviation security.

Environmental Monitoring

Civil Aviation Vetting Officer

Integrity, work ethics, and work stability assessments are vital to any organization. During the course, the participants learn to assess and evaluate the risks towards counterproductive work behaviors, and the work ethics of potential candidates and current employees. Trustworthy employees are essential to your organization's security and success.

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