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Chief Executive Officer

Entrepreneur and Manager, Itay Levin is well recognized as an international civil aviation security expert and Gaming Strategy enthusiast.

Itay is the founder and partner in Intelligence Driven Security and Strategic Gaming Labs, both unique, well recognized international companies.

Mr. Levin's vision, based on more than 28 years of experience in strategic command, security, and risk -management, was to create a practical and feasible firm which will provide realistic security solutions for the civil aviation sector. The firm will integrate actionable tactic intelligence and security highest expertise.  

Strong leadership skills. Vast multi-cultural experience. Hands-on leadership style. Self-starter with creative planning. Excellent strategic analysis and risk -management skills.


Intelligence Principle

A.C joined Intelligence Driven Security as a senior director following a long service in the intelligence community - in the IDF Intelligence Corps, Israel Security Agency and the Mossad.


Administration Principle

Reporting to the Chief Executive Officer, H.L is the Director of Administration responsible for Human Resources, Facilities Management, and Information Technology.

Within this critical position, H.L leads a team that provides the infrastructure of human talent, facilities, supplies, tools, and technology that empowers Chrysalis to pursue its mission. 
H.L had a long successful career in the Ministry of Defense, including work in one of Israel's intelligence agencies abroad and one of the Ministry of Defense's representative office in another country abroad.

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