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Serious Gaming Simulations

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About Serious Gaming Simulations

Our world today is full of challenges, and the management of these challenges has become the center of every management work. Today's managers are risk managers, taking decisions according to risk evaluation.

It is impossible to secure an organization and get ready for each and every scenario.
We at Intelligence Driven Security have a unique capability which is a great opportunity for our clients  to enhance
their decision-making processes and evaluate their preparedness for states of emergency or even a crisis.
Participants in our gaming process operate in a virtual surrounding, which simulates future challenges. The game reflects prevailing operational procedures designed to confront critical strategic dilemmas. The participating players represent competitors, suppliers, rivals, experts, government authorities, media outlets, etc. The unique interactive nature of the strategic gaming simulation creates a dynamic learning experience that is accessible from multiple locations, providing a cost-effective and modular solution.

Participants in a gaming simulation process operate in a virtual surrounding, which simulates future scenarios. The game reflects prevailing operational procedures designed to confront critical strategic or tactic dilemmas.
The participating players represent competitors, suppliers, rivals, experts, government authorities, media outfits, etc. 
The unique interactive nature of our gaming process creates a dynamic learning experience that, by itself, improves working, operational procedures and consequently, helps the client to optimize stated goals and objectives.

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Airfield Design


Each of our experts for gaming simulation has over 20 years of experience, at the highest levels of decision makers our staff has the capabilities and expertise to take your business to the next level. At Intelligence Driven Security, we combine our insights and skills to create the most realistic simulation to our clients, so they experience a "true" reality. Clients organization can check their processes and strategies and check in advance their capabilities.

We supported IATA, Airlines, and Airports with our simulations helping them to get prepared for future challenges.

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Air Traffic Forecasting


Intelligence Driven Security (IDS) is a  company mastering safety and security training at all levels.

IDS has registered trainers qualified by ICAO, IATA, TSA, DfT and other governments and organizations.

We believe that "Practice makes perfect" and only well trained professional personnel can support real security solution.

Our unique simulation training techniques enable our students not only acquire knowledge but also Improve their abilities and skills using our simulation methodology and software.

IDS systematic approach to training using simulation ensures both safer operations and improved overall efficiency by managing organizational structure, staff accountabilities, policies, and procedures. Developed in accordance with ICAO principles, our simulations helps organizations fulfill SMS requirements and establish a functional SMS within their operations.

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Environmental Monitoring


Cyber threats have become a major challenge for every organization. There are many cyber challenges, even more, technological solutions, and many security defense strategies. How can an organization know whether its defenses meet existing and future threats and risks?


We, at Intelligence Driven Security, aim to support your capabilities to defend your organization using our simulation methodology and software.

Using our simulations, the organization's IT and Security officers as well as senior managers identify their organization’s cyber-threat landscape, determine their cyber-defense maturity level, and take knowledgeable and prioritized decisions.

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