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Extended Security Community

Environmental Monitoring

Aecurity Awareness

Non-security staff can be defined as any staff: ground staff, employed by an airport entity, aircraft operator, handling agent, cargo agent, postal authority or air traffic control (ATC) provider having duties related to civil aviation operations and who could as such be involved in the implementation of security measures.

All non-security staff must receive both initial and recurrent training in aviation security focused on promoting awareness of security risks. We at IDS developed special security programme called – Risk-based Security (RbS) for Extended Security Community (ESC).

The Non-security staff is trained in target groups. The allocated training modules for each target group is different and defined.

We at IDS have security awareness training programmes specifically for the following occupational groups:

a) Airport police

b) Immigration or border police

c) Airport management and staff

d) Aircraft operator ground staff

e) Aircraft operator flight and cabin crew

f) Cargo agents and consignors

g) Postal staff

h) General aviation (GA) and aerial work (AW) personnel

i) Fuel company managers and supervisors

j) Protocol and other very important person (VIP) handling agencies

k) Customs and agriculture personnel

l) Airport concessionaires and tenants.

The relevant training modules are:

a) Aviation security:

  • Threats to aviation, including hijackings, bomb threats, explosive devices, etc.

  • Objective and organization of aviation security, including roles and responsibility of national, airport and law enforcement authorities, etc.

  • Legal instruments, such as international, national and local regulations, and airport programs.

b) Airport security:

  • Objective and organization of the security system.

  • Airport layout.

  • Landside and airside security, including security restricted areas.

  • Access control to the airside, security restricted areas and aircraft.

  • Access control system, including the permit system, areas allowed and management of entrances and exits.

  • Permits, including obligations and requirements, such as to display permits in a visible place at all times, and procedures to follow in case of loss, etc.

  • Vigilance and challenging.

  • Screening of staff, if available, behavior, and code of conduct.

  • Sanctions, if enforcement measures exist.

c) Responding to security-related incidents:

  • Reporting suspicious behavior, what to report and to whom.

  • Responding to threats, hijackings, bomb threats, a discovery of suspicious articles, acts of aggression, hostage situations, etc.

  • Reporting of incidents, including emergency telephone numbers.

  • Airport evacuation.

The RbS programme for ESC is successfully implemented across the world in different cultures.

Airfield Design

Air Crew Security

With years of experience protecting airlines air-crews around the world, our staff has the capabilities and expertise to take your aircrew security to the next level. At Intelligence Driven Security, we combine our insights and skills to transform your processes and strategies, and in turn, your company. We’re proud to help shape and improve how our clients structure and manage their aircrew protection.

At present, the international and local legislation specifies that security measures must be established and enforced by airports and airlines to protect passengers, cargo, and property. Knowing global threats and the adversary we know current legislation is not enough.

IDS' aircrew security course will equip your staff with the necessary information to keep them security conscious, whilst also understanding what measures must be taken to minimize the consequences of a security breach or incident.

Our security programme includes the following modules:

  • Global & Local threats to civil aviation

  • Objectives and organization of aviation security

  • Hijacking

  • Potentially disruptive passengers

  • Recognition of firearms, explosives and incendiary devices, and their component parts

  • Searching an aircraft

  • Assessment of bomb warnings and emergency procedures on the ground and in the air

  • Handling the media

Air Traffic Forecasting


Intelligence Driven Security (IDS) is a Security company mastering security training at all levels.

IDS has registered trainers qualified by ICAO, IATA, TSA, DfT and other governments and organizations.

We believe that "Practice makes perfect" and only well trained professional personnel can support real security solution.

Our trainers have extensive experience training across the globe in Europe, North America, South America, the Caribbean, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

Our training techniques are unique and we make sure our students not only acquire knowledge but also improve their abilities and skills.

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