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Aviation Security Operation Optimization Seminars

We are proud to present extraordinary security seminars for the managers involved in aviation management, aviation security and national security. The seminars have been designed to expose the Israeli Know-how developed over six decades of battling terrorism and the USA new AVSEC concept post 9-11 2001 terror attack.

For the last sixty years Israel has had to deal with terror attacks and continued high terror threat levels both domestically and against its national interests overseas. The USA experienced in September 2001 the most horrific terror attack against a country using the node of civil aviation transportation. As a consequence of this experiences, Israel as well as the USA have become a world pioneer in the development of integrated security solutions and methods to combat these threats.

The advance security deployment is based on the insight that the adversary views us as a holistic environment looking for the weak chain. In order to be able to defend ourselves from this adversary the security deployment is based on a synergetic system composed of many components such as: optimal Certification & Re- Certification, effective training and mainly on a security concept which is based on proactive deployment
It is our understanding that when a terror attack is launched physical security and technological measures play a key role in both preventing and detecting the attack. However, the final outcome of the attack may ultimately depend on the response to the attack of the managers and agents on the ground.

We are therefore pleased to present a unique visit to Israel and the USA, which will allow participants an opportunity to observe the way all the above factors interface to create a robust, flexible and integrated security environment in accordance to ICAO standards and requirements.

The visit will allow participants to experience, first hand, some of the security challenges the security deployments faces daily and how security personnel deploys and tackle terror threats, training, certification, and re-certification.

Our group of professionals includes experts of AVSEC management and AVSEC training as well as headquarters work in some of the most highly regarded security agencies in the world. They each have 15 to 30 years of various experience of AVSEC.

Our leading AVSEC instructors are qualified as IATA instructors with an experience in developing unique AVSEC courses for IATA.


Seminar Plan

The seminars are planned to host up to 35 participants. The visit is planned to take place over a period of 1-4 weeks and provides a fundamental understanding of security training programs implemented under international security regulations ICAO Annex 17. The seminars will touch upon the most advanced security concepts and the unique solutions implemented over the years to counter aviation terrorism. It will emphasize the way the training system support the security deployments, the methodologies, regulations and technological systems.

The course includes:

  • Lectures and meetings with the world’s foremost aviation security experts

The seminars will include lectures on a variety of subjects relating to homeland security and will include topics as general as the evolution of the response to terrorism, recruitment, and training in a secure environment and will include sessions with security world leaders with a wealth of experience.

  • Site Visits 

Visits to airports to get a first-hand impression of all the security aspects, including peripheral, passenger and cargo security deployment. Visits to training schools centers as well as visits to sites where security incidents took place. This will enable the participants to receive a deeper understanding of varying, complex security deployments which operate under a high level of threat and the way the training regime deals with these challenges.


Optional Studying Modules

  • Threat, Vulnerability & Risk Assessment

  • Security Risk Management

  • Developing Resiliency and Security Crises Management

  • Security Management System - Airport Security Operation Optimization

  • Information & Intelligence analysis for AVSEC

  • Security Audit & Quality Control

  • Risk-based Passenger Screening

  • Risk-based Cargo Screening

  • Catering Security

  • Airport Security Screening and Information Technology

  • Training for Security

  • Cyber Threats to civil aviation



  • IED fundamental elements, structure, concealment techniques

  • Passenger behavioral analysis techniques

  • Body language workshop

  • Passenger security questioning techniques

  • X-Ray Screening

  • Checkpoint screening

  • Cargo shipments screening

  • From multi sources Information to intelligence driven security


Sites Visit


  • Passenger Risk-based Screening

  • Hold Baggage Screening System

  • Perimeter Security

  • Access Control

  • Armed security deployment

  • AVSEC Training Department

  • Cargo Warehouse Security

Combating Academy (Israel & USA)

  • Shooting Techniques

  • Active Shooter Training

  • Hand–To–Hand Combating

  • Suicide Bomber Combating Techniques

  • Hostage Situation, Negotiation, and Armed Intervention

Technology Companies (Israel & USA)

  • Explosives & Drugs Screening & Detection

  • Information & Intelligence analysis

  • SeMS software

  • Computer Based Training

  • Perimeter Security

  • Command & Control

  • Blast Mitigation

  • E-learning

  • Counter MANPADS (Man Air Portable Defense System)

  • Counter Drone System

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